Tell me time

A stylish, elegant and classy clock, that shows words instead of digits to present time. Attention drawing widget and fullscreen clock for Android, Windows screen saver and extension for Google Chrome included for free.


Application for Android

"Tell me time" application for your Android powered device is a elegant, attention drawing, fullscreen clock and widget for your phone's home screen. Comes for free and without ads.

Android app on Google Play

Windows screen saver

Beautify your desktop with "Tell me time" screen saver. Unusual and stylish way to present time while your computer is resting. Perfect if you leave your PC turned on.


Extension for Google Chrome

Replace the "New Tab" page in Google Chrome with "Tell me time" extension, choose your favorite color and the clock will be shown every time you want something new from the Internet.

it is half ten
quarter twenty
five minutes to
past one two
three four five
six seven eight
nine ten eleven
twelve o'clock